Tornado shelters in Oklahoma - Protect your family with a quality tornado shelter made in OKC

Backed by the Storm Safe Shelters Life Time Warranty

When it comes to storms, Oklahomans know not to take chances. Our customers have trusted us since 1987 to design and build tornado shelters that exceed safety guidelines, and hold up well to the elements and time.

All Storm Safe shelters, including our in-ground garage units and state-of-the-art safe rooms, are made in Oklahoma City, and are the product of top-notch engineering and continuous refinement of our time-tested designs to make sure that safety and convenience go hand-in-hand.

A top-rated tornado shelter system for every preference

Storm Safe Storm Shelters Oklahoma home page image of tornadoIn-ground Steel Tornado Shelters
Our custom steel underground storm shelters are designed to provide your family with the maximum tornado protection installed in your garage, porch or patio or backyard. This solid steel construction comes with outside lock sliding doors. The original Storm Safe steel underground tornado shelter installs in hours and – if installed in the garage - is out of the weather.

Large Community Shelters
We also design and built large community shelters to be used in public buildings, offices, churches, schools, businesses and daycares. Please contact us to learn about the custom-design possibilities.

Above-ground Safe Rooms
Our tornado safe rooms are an above ground solid steel construction that can be installed inside your home during construction or in your garage or patio. The safe rooms are secured with 6” anchor bolts, framed with 2”x2” tubing and ¼” steel plates, and equipped with three heavy-duty lock pins securing the door. The safe room has internal and external deadbolts so that it can also be used to store valuables. All safe rooms are handicap accessible, and can be custom-built to fit your needs.

tornado shelter made in OKCAll of our storm shelters can be ordered in a size tall, with additional head room, for your comfort.

We are committed to providing the highest quality tornado shelters in Oklahoma, and our crews install storm shelters rooms throughout the entire state.

Now is the time to invest into a storm shelter. Many communities such as the City of Moore offer tornado shelter rebate programs. In addition, some municipalities such as the City of Norman do not have a public storm shelters of their own anymore.

If you are in the market for a tornado shelter in the Oklahoma City metro, make our showroom at 6101 Camille Ave. in OKC your first stop, or contact us or call at 405.606.2563 for a free quote today. Showroom hours: M-F 9a-6p & Sat 10a-3p