Above Ground 4x8
Above Ground Shelter - 4 X 8

Above Ground Shelter - 4 X 8



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Above Ground Shelter

Above Ground Shelter, the 4 X 8 is the perfect tornado storm shelter for anyone wanting a shelter that is above ground. Measuring at 4ft X 8ft it is a great option for the elderly so they don’t have to try and navigate down steps into an underground shelter.

With a thick outer skin, strong enough to resist flying debris, and an anchoring system designed to withstand an EF5 tornado, Storm Safe above ground storm shelters are the best tornado safe rooms available in Oklahoma City and beyond.

Our tornado safe rooms are a thoughtfully engineered, above-ground solid steel construction. Like all our shelters, the above ground shelters are secured with 6” anchor bolts, framed with 2”x2” tubing and ¼” steel plates.

All Storm Safe Shelters safe rooms can be outfitted to be handicap accessible and are equipped with three heavy-duty lock pins that secure the door to keep you safe.

The safe room also has both internal and external deadbolts that can be used to store personal valuables and make the space inaccessible to children trying to play inside.

Above Ground Shelter - 4x8

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Dimensions 48 x 96 x 76 in


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