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The Storm Safe Shelters below and above ground shelters are all-steel construction. The tornado storm shelter designs have the Registered Professional Engineer Seal and meet or exceed FEMA guidelinesAll of our storm shelters can also be ordered in a size “tall” for your comfort!

Storm Safe Shelters are family friendly because they all come with child-safe locks as a standard feature. In addition, the locks mean the shelter can also be a place to put valuables.

Tornado Storm Shelter Safety Features
. Steel construction
. 1/4″ steel plate doors
. Easy sliding door design
. Outside lock provides child safety and valuables protection
. Rust resistant coating
. Commercial grade weatherproofing
. Built-in steps and seating
. Built-in ventilation
. Back door releases from inside
. Meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines

Available Tornado Storm Shelter Sizes:

Oklahoma Storm Safe Tornado Shelter - Safe Shelters 

X-Small 2-4 people
36″ W x 54″ H x 72″ L

Small 6-8 people
36″ W x 54″ H x 84″ L 

Medium 12-14 people
60″ W x 65″ H x 84″ L 

Large 18-20 people
60″ W x 65″ H x 96″ L

Jumbo 22-26 people
65″ W x 74″ H x 108″ L

4×6 Above Ground and 4×8 Above Ground

Concrete Storm Shelter
65″ W x 84″ H x 144″ L


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Storm Safe Shelters designs have the Registered Professional Engineer seal and meet FEMA standards.

Storm Safe Shelters was the first storm shelter company to put one in the garage floor. We have been doing it the longest and the best for 23 years. It is our pledge to provide the safest and cleanest tornado storms shelters to our customers.

Tornado Shelter Specifications
All of our storm shelters have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that you and your family will be safe in the event of a storm. Click the link below to see the official specifications for your new tornado shelter!

Oklahoma Storm Safe Tornado Shelter - tornado Safe Shelters

Safe Rooms Small 4 x 6 and Large 4 x 8 Custom Sizes Available


Tornado Storm Shelter Videos

Below are a couple of videos to help show you how easy it is to open our tornado storm shelters from the inside and outside.

How To Open A Tornado Storm Shelter From Inside

How To Open A Tornado Storm Shelter

Small Storm Shelter Tour

Medium Storm Shelter Tour

Super Jumbo Storm Shelter Tour