Installation Information

R1-04455-0013(1)The Storm Safe Tornado shelters install easily in the garage, on the patio, or in an outbuilding. If you are building a home, the Storm Safe Tornado shelters can be installed almost anywhere. We work with many builders and can install the shelters prior to the house closing.

The Storm Safe Tornado shelter designs have the Registered Professional Engineer Seal and meet or exceed FEMA guidelines.

What to expect during an average StormSafe shelter installation:

Below Ground Original Design

oklahoma tornado shelters


Concrete and dirt are removed and the site is cleaned.



oklahoma storm shelters



The StormSafeTshelter is lowered into place and installed according to specifications.




oklahoma tornado shelter


Installation is complete and the site is cleaned.



Call 405.606.2563 to learn about our Safe Rooms or to schedule a time for us to come and install an in ground tornado shelter for you!


Tornado Storm Shelter Videos

Below are a couple of videos to help show you how easy it is to open our tornado storm shelters from the inside and outside.

How To Open A Tornado Storm Shelter From Inside

How To Open A Tornado Storm Shelter

Small Storm Shelter Tour

Medium Storm Shelter Tour

Super Jumbo Storm Shelter Tour